We are all looking for that good night’s sleep, and with all the recent technology innovations into mattress pads, things are improving. Until the past decade or so, they were basically all the same. Now with so many issues in regards to getting good night’s sleep, manufacturers have looked to inject their mattress pads with new technology.

For years, most pads were Polyester Cotton Blend fabric on the top and bottom with a polyester filling. They then were upgraded to an all cotton top and bottom to give more comfort to the sleeper. Going a step further, manufacturers started making the fill cotton as well to make the pads even more comfortable.

However, over the past 2 decades, mattresses have gotten thicker, plus there is all this news about Bacteria, fungus, bed bugs, and other microorganisms to think about. With all of these issues, Manufacturers started looking at different fabric technology to further improved their products. Afterall, electronic equipment is always getting updated, why not your mattress pad? You sleep on it every night for approximately 8 hours, just like the time some of us spend on the computer or cell phone each day.

New fabrications have come on to the market that allows these Manufacturers to develop new products, such as Outlast® fabric created by NASA to use in their Space program. This material helps to regulate body temperature. It senses when you’re warm and pulls all that energy into storage cells until it senses you are cold, then releases that stored energy for warmth.

Another new technology is the RELY™ an EPA approved polyester fiberfill which inhibits the growth of bacteria which can cause odor, plus it has anti-microbial properties which resist mold and mildew microorganisms.

Still looking for something more luxurious to add to your bed? There are mattress pads overfilled with polyester fill to give you the feel of a featherbed, but without the Allergens that feathers attract, plus are Machine Wash and Dry. Some pads in the market place today are filled with a polyester fiber that was created to simulate Down, giving you that very soft, cushy feeling AKSOUL camping mat when you lay down for the evening. Need more support? There are mattress pads for that. One is particular has a foam core with soft polyester filling wrapped around the outside, giving you softness and support at the same time.

Most of these technologies come with a price tag, but there have been improvements in the lower price pads as well. Such as the addition of soft microfiber covers to give the sleeper more comfort.

And materials used in Waterproof mattress pads have changed for the better. Now instead of a vinyl barrier, which could become hot and noisy when you change positions, they have gone to a non woven barrier which breathes and is much quieter, plus the top cover has gone to all cotton, with more fiber filling, giving more luxurious comfort to the sleeper.

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