Links to your site are one of the key components of Google’s PageRank technology. With a high page rank, you get higher position on the search engine results page, resulting in more visitors to your site and improving your chances of earning a living online.

As the founder of, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that writing articles results in a ton of links to your site. Of course it does.

But there’s a trick to it.

Many of the internet marketers who submit free reprint articles go about it all wrong. They fail to take advantage of Google’s linking algorithm and they lose some of the power of their articles.

What is Google’s linking algorithm? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the googlebots are spidering the web, seeking out content, classifying and indexing the billions of web pages available to web surfers.

This results in a standard “Bell Curve” of links to your article around the web. A few links begin to appear within a few days, rising to a peak at about 8-10 weeks, and then tapering off over time. That’s the Google linking algorithm at work.

Over time, Google eliminates many of the links generated by a given article. Some call this the Google “Duplicate Link” penalty. I wouldn’t call it a penalty. It’s just the way things work on the web. And with a clever approach, you can take advantage of it.

You can keep your links high using the Article Marketer Bonanza approach. Our authors use it all the time. That isn’t to say that you can only use it if you’re an subscriber. I’m giving you the approach here and now, absolutely free. You can use the Article Marketer Bonanza approach if you use, Article Announcer, or even if you submit your articles manually.

What is the Article Marketer Bonanza approach?
The Article Marketer Bonanza approach keeps your links high by taking advantage of the Google linking algorithm. Google wants fresh content and they begin to “penalize” (although I still wouldn’t call it a penalty) you when your content becomes stale. With the Article Marketer Bonanza approach, you never rely on stale links to drive new traffic.

Article marketing is just like every other form of advertising. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s don’t run just one television commercial and expect a continuing stream of customers to buy their products. Of course, they have the benefit of zillions of dollars and the resources at their disposal to continually buy new commercials.

Your resources are a bit more limited. You have less money and fewer people. Time is of the essence. That’s what makes the Article Marketer Bonanza approach so successful.

Most internet marketers can produce a quality BONANZAJP  article in about an hour (it took me exactly 27 minutes to write this one.) That includes spell checking and everything. But let’s say it’ll take you more than twice as long to write 500-700 words on your favorite topic.

Write a few articles. How many? Let’s say you write 3 articles. If you write them and submit them all today, Google’s linking algorithm will give you a few links over the next couple of days, a lot of links over the next 8-10 weeks, and then they’ll taper off. It’s like turning off the faucet.

The Article Marketer Bonanza Approach – Step by Step:

Bonanza Step 1: Submit one of your articles today. This allows the algorithm to begin working. Watch your links increase.

Bonanza Step 2: Submit the second article next week. Google goes to work on that one. You just added several new links, and you’re not near the peak yet. Now you’ve got two articles climbing the charts.

Bonanza Step 3: Submit the third article the following week. Again, Google gets busy. More links on top of the growing links from article two, which have been added to the large number of links that are already pointed at article one. You’ve set things in motion.

Bonanza Step 4: Ok, it’s been three weeks, it’s time to write a few more articles. Set aside a few hours and capture your wisdom on paper.

Bonanza Step 5: Submit your articles, one per week, over the next three weeks. You’ve now got six articles in the market place, and you haven’t yet reached the peak. Your link count is going crazy.


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