The man’s wedding ring tends to be the more difficult purchase in many ways when compared to the lady’s option. While it might take a while to choose from an array of ladies rings, it is often the groom’s band that poses more initial obstacles. In many cases, men approach the table with much less understanding and perception on the variables of different rings. While some are happy to be led in the process by their often more familiar partners, it is always wise to choose a sensible metal that ticks both the practicality box as well as the design box. Durability, intended wear and even hair and eye color can have an impact on the best metal in any given case, but there are arguably a few metal types that prove most popular amongst male shoppers.

Gold Men’s Wedding Rings

Perhaps the most popular metal for males, gold seems to an evergreen option for those with a more straightforward idea of how their ring should look. Gold is a soft metal, and as such it is susceptible to scratching and discoloration over the years – particularly amongst those that intend to wear their ring daily and those that use their hands frequently in the course of work, sport or their free time. However, its elegant simplicity means it remains a keen favorite amongst male ring buyers everywhere, with a diversity of stylish designs available in gold.

Platinum Men’s Bands

Platinum has become an increasingly visible presence in men’s wedding rings design in recent years, favored over silver for being a more hardwearing, durable metal. Platinum offers a stunning appearance and an unparalleled density, with most jewelry-grade platinum over 90% pure. Especially for men’s rings, the need for durability tends to be more of a practical consideration than anything else, to help ensure longevity and preserve the lifespan of the ring. One thing to note is that bands in platinum will cost considerably more than rings in gold, because of the density tungsten rings and the of both metals.

Titanium Men’s Wedding Bands

Titanium has risen to become a serious player in the men’s rings market, preferred for its strength and relative lightweight feel. Titanium is as durable as it gets, and many men choose this robust silver-colored metal for their wedding band for practical as well as style reasons. Those who do physical labor or intensive hobbies know just how much stress this can put on the hands, and for those that intend to give their wedding ring a daily outing under these circumstances, titanium can seem like a natural choice.

Tungsten Men’s Rings

For the ultimate low-maintenance ring, tungsten represents a solid, hardwearing choice. Whereas other rings can become scratched and dulled with age, tungsten cannot be scratched in the same way and retains much of its character and color as it gets older. Tungsten produces rings which are heavy, but anecdotally the additional weight is often more comfortable for male wearers.

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