Khortytsya is the largest island on the Dnieper River, Business in Ukraine  the famous rich nature and the numerous archaeological discoveries since the Scythians and Pechenegs until the time of the Cossacks, who in the beginning of the XVI century Cossack republic established with the center on the island and named it Zaporozhye. Khortytsya Island and currently holds the echoes of heroic Cossack past, and in the museum are preserved rare Scythian and Pecheneg artifacts.

Khortytsya is an extremely beautiful and picturesque island. On both sides lapped wide and mighty Dnieper River, surrounded by high stone cliffs, sandy beaches, covered with green wood and decorated with colorful flowers.

The brightest pages of history Khortitsa related Zaporozhye Cossacks. Cossacks built the first fortifications on the island of Little Khortytsya Dmitry Vyshnevetsky in 1556. He carried out campaigns against the Tatar city and guarded the borders of the Polish-Lithuanian state, within which includes our region. Stay Cossacks Dnieper rapids promoted settlements in the fertile lands and the development of this business.

Khortytsya surrounded by numerous large and small islands and rocks that fall within protected areas. From the northern edge of the towering Three Pillars, which consist of three rocks: sofa or chair Catherine middle pillars and sloping. Passageways between them are called atriums. Sofa Catherine folk legend associated with the name of the Russian Empress Catherine II, who during a trip to Kherson in 1787, ostensibly to stay here.


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