The World of Warcraft expansion is becoming so epidemic that some characters at the top are finding it difficult to advance their attributes to max levels due to the so many other members occupying the positions of the hierarchy. The simple truth is that every member would like to have their character reach the apex of the level cap for all classes, but it just isn’t possible with all the time involved and so many others fighting for the same issues.

To aid in this process, Blizzard has released an expansion package called the Wrath of the Lich King. With this expansion, a new type of item was introduced to aid players in leveling their attributes faster and simpler than ever thought possible. These items are named Bind on Account Items, or Heirlooms. To receive and possess an heirloom, you must already maintain a character with at least an experience level of 80.

Power and extra experience are good examples of awesome benefits for using and owning Heirloom items. The items scale to your level of experience. Meaning as you grow in experience, your Heirloom items grow right along with you, increasing in power and ability. This takes away the necessity to upgrade your gear as you progress. Heirloom items generally come with excellent statistics for amour and damage to match your current experience level. This perk enables you to power through quests more quickly which is the name of the game when attempting to increase the level of your alternate characters.

The most satisfying and beneficial ability of Hierloom items is that they increase in experience points by approximately 10% when used in mob killing and quests. So, if you own 3 Heirloom pieces that provide a 10% experience boost each, you can expect an extra 30% experience boost to aid your character will your others are attempting to get to level 80. This will usually take about 4 months time to level your characters to where you want them to be, saving you about 2 months of unnecessary work with your new Heirloom items kicking in the extra experience points. Saving you 2 months time makes Heirloom items pretty useful and coveted.

The real question is where to find Heirloom items and how to obtain them. Completing your dailies is by far the best way of possessing Heirloom items quickly if you know where in the quest to find them. The objective behind these items is to ultimately save you time right? But finding and using Heirloom items can be a time consuming event also. Saving you precious time Buy wow gold in the game is the goal.

The only way to do this effectively is to optimize the routes in which you take to complete your dailies therefore obtaining more items and being able to trade for the Heirlooms. You can certainly do this on your own, but if you are like me, you don’t want to go through this process completely blind folded with the possibility that you may have overlooked a precious item that you might have found otherwise had you had a guide to go by.

This is where Zygor’s Dailies & Events Guide comes in handy. Their guide gives you a step-by-step blue-print to obtaining and using Heirlooms items. They walk you through each individual daily quest, providing you the whereabouts of all items and ultimately the most gold you can earn through the process. They aid you through speed runs for making gold through your dailies, as well as setting you up to earn your Crusader title, which is mandatory if you want to buy or trade for Heirloom items.


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