Jokes are the most widespread form of buffoonery, probably because a joke is self-contained and the easiest device with which to trigger off laughter. Funny one line jokes are great and a bout of helpless laughter is highly prized in the modern world, it’s today’s equivalent of a swig of booze, not curing pain and worry but obscuring the symptoms for a few brief moments. Funny one line jokes are the nearest thing in life to complete escapism next to the climax of making love.Funny pensil in graduation cap education concept Vector Image

Telling jokes are how, the most social and funny educational videos for students  professional comedians ventilate different anxieties and confirm our racial and other prejudices, it has been said, for every joke there is a sufferer. Laughing at our worries reduces their threat to us. And laughing at silly people who are not as bright or rich as we are makes us feel warm and secure. So the effect of buffoonery and funny one line jokes is opposite to that of classical comedy. In classical comedy, the aim of laughter is to benefit the person laughed at. With funny one line jokes, the laugh measures the laughter.

In between wit, buffoonery and funny one line jokes, lies the third and as far as comedy is concerned, the most interesting subdivision of comedy humor. If wit belongs mainly to the Well educated classes and buffoonery to the lower classes, humor and funny one line jokes is middle class. In medieval times a ‘humor’ was any of the four cardinal fluids – blood, phlegm, choler, and melancholy, or black bile which coursed round the body and according to their relative, determined a person’s mental and physical state.

When one of the fluids is predominated, then a person’s character was dominated by that particular ‘humor’. He would become either over passionate (too much blood), dull and droopy (overdose of phlegm), quick-tempered and irascible (choler flowing too strongly), or gloomy and dejected (a touch too much of the melancholy, or black bile). Such a man was said to be in a ‘humor’. Or, if he carried on behaving peculiarly, to be a ‘humorist’.

Helped by the efforts of some industry greats, humor and funny one line jokes in its new meaning took root and became favored light reading amongst Augustan Age Literate Citizens, who were mostly from the rapidly expanding middle-classes. Humor, mostly due to funny one line jokes, long before it had a name, was not the invention of Greek playwrights or patrician Roman poets but of ordinary people and is the oldest of the three divisions of comedy, probably dating back to when the cave man first stood upright in the cave and knocked himself senseless, and the others laughed and told all the others about it. Then came along the funny one line jokes.

Have you ever had a day when you’re walking on a paved street filled with strangers, minding your own business, writing your grocery list in your head as you walk to your destination when suddenly you come across an animated looking person wearing what seems to be one of those very funny tees? And the moment you see what’s written on it you burst out laughing because it’s just so funny? You’d probably think you know the reason why that person looked so animated.

It’s an ordinary day and you have your usual tasks ahead of you and this simple encounter can amazingly make a difference on your day. Very funny tees aren’t called funny for nothing. These clothes were brainstormed and made with careful execution in order to assure people’s laughter and amusement whenever they wear one of these. And as you might have observed, these clothes are indeed hilarious.

Very funny tees are effective in making someone’s day because of the humor that’s perennially imprinted on them. Just imagine funny jokes, amusing quotes and real life caricatures of well-known individuals. Most probably, some of the shirt imprints have made history and what good way of retelling them is by humorous real accounts which not only educate the people but inform them in a rather much effective way as well.

There are a lot of people who are inclined on collecting very funny tees. Aside from the fact that they are funny and instantly light up people’s days, these shirts are also one of a kind in a sense that they made in a rather specialized way, unlike those fashionable shirts that almost all people wear every day. In wearing these funny shirts, one can preserve his own individuality and infect other people with laughter along the way, too.

Only a limited number of people around the world dedicate themselves in producing very funny tees. More than hard works, producing these kinds of shirts require dedication to humor, history, literature as they will have to think of funny concepts, and so forth. As proof to the said limited production of these tshirts, when searching online for instance, only a few competitions arise around the globe.

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