Bodum is a renowned coffee maker and Bodum always reminds about the French press. Being new in the market its models with varied features are making a name in the elite league of coffee grinders. Their stylish designs, user friendly feature, and good quality and unique multiple operating applications make these grinders favorite of all through out the world.

These devices offer long term performance as these are made of durable materials. In case of any problem in any of the parts you are not left alone as the company has excellent technical departments that fix or repair or provide assistance immediately. Like all other grinders this brand also have different types, styles and models of grinders available in the market.

The Bodum grinders come in two different flavors which includes burr and blade. The blade ones rely on spinning the blades to further grind the beans. These are not very expensive and are easy to maintain and gets easily cleaned-up. These blade grinders produce just the exact type of extracts which is necessary while using a drip coffee maker, as this style of brewer does not require very fine or perfectly uniform consistency. The Bodum burr grinders grind at only one time between grooved metal circular disks. This type is more expensive, bigger in size and more costly compared to the blade grinder.

Here are some of the Bodum coffee grinder types:
Manual Bodum Grinders: These types of devices are very simple to use. One has to simply load the beans into the bowl and then turn the crank to grind the beans and repeat this process to acquire fresh coffee time and again.

Bodum Electric Grinders: The only difference in this type and manual type is it has a motor to eliminate the need to manual crank the beans. The electric motor here is capable enough to carry out the function of grinding. The process is the same with this type that is of loading the beans into the grinding bowl and let the machine run until the last bean and repeat if necessary.

Bodum Coffee Grinder Models:
Bodum Electric Blade C-Mill: This electric grinder is operational with a rugged and powerful motor that grinds the beans. The grinding process of the C-Mill is just unique where the beans are not only crushed but are also slashed in an estimated time period. This procedure becomes the deciding factor of the taste of the coffee. This particular type provides grinding capacity of 1.6 oz at a time which is relatively equal to eight cups.

Bodum Antigua Grinder Electric Burr Type: This grinder mixer grinder possesses a personality of an expert conical burr grinder. With unique features this type cuts the beans inspite of crushing them. In this process the actual aroma and taste is well preserved. The Bodum Antigua burr grinder is outfitted with superior settings that allow the user varied adjustments for different levels of grinding.

Bodum Venice Grinders: This type of grinder consists an adjustable grinding level control option and is a manual coffee grinder. Its construction is done with a mix of materials that include stainless steel and plastic and its grinding capacity is up to 8 cups at a time.

Bodum coffee grinders make great grounds for the press. This is why if you have one, it would really be nice to consider having a Bodum coffee grinder to match your press.

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